which is the best & cheapest way to work in US for a h4 holder

Is converting from h4 to f1 & then obtaining OPT and working in US is cheaper


directly converting from h4 to h1 is cheaper ?

please guide me through all the possible ways.

I am on h4 & my ultimate aim is to work in US as early as possible ,suggest me the economical way

Cheaper option would be from H4 to H1, but you’ll have to wait till next cycle

Well, It is not just about money. It is also about time. If your ultimate goal is to work in US, then H1 is better option. Because, you do not lose an extra year of time. Also, the fees you have paid towards you education.

The lowest cost option can also be a J-1 transition, it is free. However you have to attach yourself to an academic institution as work and learning are essential components to a J-1 visa

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