which is better option MIS/MBA/MS in USA


I am B.Tech 2006 chemical engineering passed out having 6 years Experience in environment field,confused to do MS or MBA in USA.what would be the better option of getting student visa for MS in MIS or MBA.Can anybody suggest based on the current situation.


   The decison to pursue higher education should be driven by passion rather than getting student visa.  You will get student visa for anything, if your appliccation and everything is right.   

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Think about your passion and go through the articles under [Decide MS or MBA in USA](http://redbus2us.com/category/applying-to-us-schools/decide-ms-mba-in-us/) section and take an informed Decision.

You have completed B.Tech and have 6 years work experience. It is time to consider an MBA so you may train yourself to manage an engineering company rather than continue to be a technical employee. I vote for an MBA as your next career choice.

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