Which is best between stamping first or location change first?

Hi, my H1 petition got approved. Currently I am working in different project than that of in my petition. So now I had to search for a new US Project. My Supervisor is suggesting me to appear for stamping before getting the project. But in Hyderabad there are no slots available till January 2017 it seems. But If I change my project I need to apply for Location change.

So can you please suggest me how much time location change would take? and can I appear for stamping first and change the location later or vice versa??

For location change a new LCA (2 weeks) and H1 amendment is required. The latter could take few months to process. I am not 100% sure if you can appear for stamping using currently approved petition and amendment receipt, or you need amendment approval.

If you appear for stamping using just the approved petition, then you carry the risk of failing during client/project verification (which may or may not happen in your case)

Thank you so much Saurabh