Which form should be filed for the "Employer address change" to USCIS?


My employer moved to different location in the same city so how can I notify to USCIS? Please tell me which form is suitable. Is it really required to notify USCIS for the employer address change? Can somebody answer this? Thanks.

I know that AR-11 is only for resident address change.



You can update the Address information by submitting the AR-11 form and also update the address if you have an application in pending using the online tool in USCIS. Please follow this link for more details - http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=2e5174ab3d2fa210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD



Your employer needs to inform about address change only if they have an open pending petitions w/ USCIS. This should not be your concern but your employer’s.