Which field should I opt in doing my MS?

I’ve done my engineering in electronics and communications with 80% aggregate. I am confused which field should i opt for doing the masters. Can anyone suggest me some options? And can i also choose course from computer science background or will there be a problem me being ECE student choosing CS?

First thing you need to decide on what are you passionate about ?

Yes, if  Computer Science subjects excite you, you can choose that field in MS.  It is not going to be problem, you will be asked to do some preerquisites : read [Change Majors in MS - USA education ](http://redbus2us.com/change-majors-in-ms-after-admission-and-arrival-to-us-ece-to-cs/)

There are quite a few articles on the blog under study in USA. Check it out, you will get some idea.

Okay, thanks so much :slight_smile:

I agree with Kumar’ s response.

I have also done Engg in E&C. I did my masters from US in Information systems. It was mixed blend of Software and Management subjects. After you graduate its easy to find a job if u have a techinical background specially related to Computers.

There will not be any issues in Taking MS in computer science if you are from EC brach. MIne was similar case.

Alright, thanks so much that was helpful :slight_smile:

You may also read : http://redbus2us.com/can-you-apply-to-different-specialization-or-major-for-ms-in-usa-change-majors/

Hey thank you! That’s something I was looking for, quite helpful.