which Colleges offer CPT for MS-CS in New jersey/NewYork

Hi friends ,

I am going to be moving to NY as a newly married H4 visa holder , i already have 2 and half years work experience.I am looking to do graduate studies in computer science starting august 2014 .

The aim is that i should avail CPT a.s.a.p and use it as a short cut to temp employement.I am not particular about top 10 or the best unis, considering I have a GRE score of 307 only and my chances of scholarship is less.It has to be in and around NY/NJ. i just want to start on my masters , do minimum credits per semester initially , so its not heavy on our pockets and focus on CPT to earn credits and some money ofcourse to support my future semesters.Its okay if even its a non degree program , it could be just a graduate certificate program , but CPT is necessary.

We do not typically advise on schools here.

I do understand your eagerness to work right away, but take a step back and think about your effort for getting MS. You will be getting MS anyways, you will spend a lot of PERSONAL TIME and money to do that…if you are doing it, why compromise on the quality of education. Pick a good school, you have time to prepare for GRE and crack it.

Schools that offer CPT from first semester can be very shady and you need to be very very cautious, when you pick them. There has been so much of fraud and schools have been closed in this space by ICE.

Anyways, think strategic … Good Luck !