Whether to pursue MS in US by quitting the job?

I have completed b.tech in IT and has one year of experience as a software developer in good MNC with good pay, i have given GRE and got 305 verbal 144 and math 161 in my third year of b.tech, 10th 85% , inter 96.4% and b.tech 9.07 percentile.

I have got three options suggest me the best

  1. quit my job and pursue MS with that score

  2. should i have to retake GRE

  3. Continue with the existing job

i guess if i have to retake GRE it will require one more year ,or even go wih existing 6months is required

please suggest me what to do, i am in very big confusion??


Email me your details, chances are we will be able to provide you good advice

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