Whether all the h1bvisas-2015 selected under premium processing in the lottery have been notified?

My employer has applied for my h1b on april 1st 2014 under premiumprocessing. I have not received any communication from them so far. I want to know whether all visas selected have been notified. or any waitlist is there?

I have the same situation… my employer had applied on 1st april, I am under Master’s cap under premiem processing… Today is 22nd April and I have still not received any updates from USCIS if i has picked up my application in lottery or not!! Its so frustrating as most of my friends have got the updates within a week!!

Please anyone respond to this question!!

As per my knowledge, most of the PP applications have been notified of selection/rejection. Please check with your employer if they’ve actaully filed it under PP or not. Also, it’s beeter to keep calm and wait till the end of this week for response as there may be some unforseen delays as well.

Mine is also PP but non AD. No news from USCIS till now. What about you?

Mine is also PP but no news so far. What about you?

Hi Khanali,

Check with your employer if the check has been cleared. But so far I have no luck… I have not heard anything if I am accepted or rejected in the lottery… will have to wait until 15th :frowning: