Where will I get I-129 and Equivalency Report for H1B Visa Transfer

Hello Gurus,

I recently got a job and the new company is doing an H1B transfer for me. They are asking me to submit form I-129 and something called Equivalency report, My current employer has not provided I-129 and Equivalency report to me, and I am not being able to ask him, I don’t want to tell him that I am changing job right now. In this case do you have any idea how will I get I-129 and Equivalency report? I really need this quickly so that my Visa transfer process will be quick and smooth.

Let me know, I really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Hello ,

It is not mandatory to support your H1B transfer application with your previous I-129 form, Copy of I-797 ( H1B approval notice) and Visa page in your passport will suffice the requirement.  



Gopi Krishna Reddy