Where can I get my H1-B stamp with minimum risk?

I got my H1-B approved this May (after being on an F-1 student visa for 4 yrs in the US), and I would like to go home in late October to India for the visa stamp. However, my lawyer has warned me against it - stating a possibility of me getting held back in India. My company is a small business and has also never sponsored an employee before. Is there a minimum time period I should be working after Oct. 1st to make my case stronger for a visa stamp in India?

If it gives you confidence you can go after carrying 3-4 payslips on H-1. However, that doesn’t make the stamping 100% secure. You can still run into issues.

As you have done studies in US, why don’t you go to CA or MX for stamping? Did you talk to your attorney about this?