When will my 221g case be reviewed is been 88 months now

My husband was denied as ineligible under section 221g since November 30th and I haven’t heard anything from the USCIS.how long will it take to hear from them ? I was told in six months time but is 8 months now no word please help me

Please note that 221g is not a denial but a request for more clarification on project roles. Per your post, November 30th seems to be the day when 221g was issued. When was the response to 221g filed by employer company and the date it was received, opened, stamped and filed at USCIS?

Thanks for answering my question. The point is I haven’t got any response from the USCIS

When did your husband or party for your husband file a detailed response to 221g?

I haven’t filled any any response to it

Please read this article: What is 221(g) - Reasons ? Processing Times ? Delays ? FAQs, Tracker

Thanks for the explanation and guidance. Hope to hear good results

was your visa issued ?