when to expect the approval?

Hi I have also received my receipt number which starts with WAC so I hope this means that my petition was picked up in the lottery. I am not sure when it will be approved since the USCIS tracking site shows as Initial Review, does anyone know how much time more it would take!

Thanks in advance

Yes, Receipt Number = Petition selected in Random “Lottery” Selection process.

Please be patient and if everything is in order, the Petition should get approved in a month or two from now depending on the backlog/workload with USCIS.

Thanks, today I have observed that my case is now RFE, not sure what is going to happen very nervous though. My attorney is yet to receive the mail from USCIS. What % of chances I may have now? :frowning:

That depends on the reason for RFE. If it’s minor, like a missing document or something like that, you will get through but with a little delay. I suggest you to wait till you get the RFE details so that everyone has a clear picture.