When should i submit the documents to VFS for 221g white slip case


I have attend the interview on dec-13th-2012 in CHENNAI consulate,interviewer asked me the project description which i didn’t have at that time and gave me the white slip with ticked check boxes on a copy of the approved petion will all supporting documents as filed with USCIS and detailes description of the project.

and interviewer did not take my passport and said me that do not submit the documents untill we request you,but almost it’s been 2 months but i did not get any response from Chennai consulate.

Can i go ahead and submit my documents along with my passport?

After submitting the documents how long will take for the visa stamping?

can anyone suggest me on this.

Thanks in advance,


Are you sure the interviewer asked not to submit the documents until they ask for it? Or did they asked you not to submit passport until they want it.

Usually, the documents need to be submitted soon after the white slip is issued. Only the documents asked for in the white slip needs to be submitted. If they haven’t asked for the passport, then you should not submit it. Once other documents are submitted and processed, and they decide to issue the visa, they will ask for the passport.