when send application for h1b?

Isn’t 1st of April the first day you can send the H1B application for 2017?

I see some filed before 1st April, and waiting for lottery result (did they receive the receipt number and so waiting for lottery)?

I see some took 315 days for processing (and received the visa).

That’s about 10 months.

i heard it takes about 10 days to receive receipt (and case number), and the whole process takes about averatge 2 months, or up to 6 months (to be approved).

I see the processing time is inconsistent, but what is the odd that it takes 10 months?

I am applying for master H1b.


Processing time was delayed by several months last filming season. Although most got the result by Oct, yet there are handful cases that are still pending. The processing delay always gets spiked when new season starts.