When I will get to know my applications is selected in lottery?

My emplyer has filed H1B in premium process but as this year its going to be lottery I am little bit worried. I have heard from my attorney that my applications was reached before USCIS announced that they have received sufficeint applications for H1B. As uscis has done lottery on 7th of april when I can get confirmationed that I am also the lucky one?

End of this week…

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As others have said, sometime this week. Exactly when and how depends on a number of variables such as the method used by USCIS to communicate with you or your attorney and what method of delivery they use (USPS or FED-EX or UPS etc). Cheque encashment would be a give-away also as only those selceted (and duplicate apps) get cashed. Also USCIS have to work through approx 90k applications, some will have been processed Monday, some may take a week or so. One would expect all rejected applications would be returned to sender by Saturday 13th (5 working days for USPS) or quicker if UPS or FED-EX. So end of the week sounds a good bet. Best of luck.