When Company Pays H1B processing fee?

My company has filed my H1B petition in May 12 and I have received petition number. As i have got my petition number, at this stage my company has submitted

Just Base filing fee ($325) or [Base filing fee + AICWA Fee $1500+ Fraud prevent & detection fee $500 + Fee based on Public Law 111 – 230 $2000].

There are two activities -

  1. Petition file

  2. VISA interview

I would like to know when my company will be paying all the VISA processing fees? Do they need to pay at the time of petition filing or they can also pay at the time of VISA interview? One more question, do we need to have LCA at the time of VISA filing or at the time of VISA interview? Is it possible to file petition without LCA.

Thanks in advance.

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H1B fees are paid once in one single pay cheque during the submission of the petition. Not during the visa interview. LCA is required during petition filling. NOT during interview. During interview you need carry a copy of it with you.

Hope this helps your queries.



Thanks Vivek. Do they charge anything at the time of interview? I am asking this because I am gettimg release from my project through which pitition has filed and will join project of other account. There might be case that other account will not pay anything. Is there anything which can create problem at the time of VISA interview?

During interview we will not be paying anything…