When can I start working in 2013 after I get a job? (for H1B visas)


I am a french citizen and I am a software engineer (Java developer). I am trying to get a job in the US. If I start applying for jobs and get hired, when will the company I work for be able to sponsor me so I can start working in the US? I have heard that if I get hired some where that I will not be able to work until October 2013. Is this true??


Yes Victor, generally if the hiring company files your H1 petition in April 2013, the visa if approved will authorize you to work from October 1st 2013 only.

Hi ramanan,

I wanted to know what if I am on H4 now and I apply for H1 now and get an EAD earlier, even then will I have to wait till Oct 1st 2013?

How will you get the EAD? If you are referring to EAD for H-4s then that is still under discussion and hasn’t been implemented yet. Also there is only speculation on who qualifies for it (last I heard it was person on H-4 whose spouse has approved I-140 and is in 7th year of H-1).

Or are you referring to EAD that arrives prior to I-485.