when can i expect Visa to be issued in H1B-221g-adminprocessi g case?


My H1-B visa is approved and while interview i got Form 221(g).

i submitted all the required documents and i got email in 2 days from US consulate, Mumbai to send the passports.

I submitted the passports and received my wife’s passport with H4 visa stamp.

But my passport status is still showing “passport is still with post”. and vusa status shows “Administrative Processing”.

i called and emailed US consulate, Mumbai but didnt got any satisfying answer.

i am required in US to work on project. can you please educate me on the situation? when can i expect my passport? I suppose as my wife’s passport is stamped with H4 visa, my visa will also be issued. am i correct?

Hi, I too have same the situation. I availed Dropbox feature and now my wife got the h4 visa and mine still shows administrative processing. Please update the status, once you hear from them