When can a spouse apply for H4 visa if married after the H1b visa stamping?

Question: I would like to know how soon my husband can apply to obtain the H4 visa.

My situation: My employer applied for my H1b (2013). My H1b got approved, and I obtained the I797A by June 10, 2013. I visited home in October 2013 (now I am back to US). In the first few days of my stay I went for an interview and got the H1b visa stamped on my passport. My visa is valid until September 2016.

Later during my stay I got married. Now I am married but when I went in for H1b visa stamping I was not. So, for my status I wrote single in DS-160 application form which I had filled out a while ago sometime in July. (Due to circumstances and personal reasons, the order of things had to be this. H1b visa stamping interview first, and wedding second.)

To cut short, when can a spouse apply for a dependent visa if one was married after the H1b visa stamping?

Any response on this shall be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Usually a Spouse can apply for H4 parallely once your Petition is approved and once you receive your I-797, and you people can attend the Interview at the same time by booking a Group interview. But in your case i could see that you said while entering the DS-160 or while attending the interview you were not married, but now you are. So, If ur H1 is stamped then u can immediately apply for H4 for your partner.