What would be the reason, when h1b 2016 case picked up and still in status Case Received?

Hi All,

what is the possible reason for delaying the h1b petition? My case was pickup on Apr13. From then there is no update till now from USCIS.

Is there a way for the Candidate/Employee to find out what is happening to the petition?

Thanks in advance.

Your employer/attorney should be the one following-up on the case. Did they check w/ USCIS? May be it is stuck in security check.

My employer said that they’re opening a case to inquire the status a month back. And he hasn’t hear anything from attorney. Usually how long does the USCIS takes to respond to case inquiry?

No, they should have responded back by now. You say that they were planning to open a case 1 month ago. Do you know if they executed that plan? Better to consult your attorney and ask him to get on top of this case.

The online status is still Initial Review or Acceptance?

My case status is still in Initial Review(Case was Received). My employer is saying that they haven’t hear anything from the attorney.

Nothing you can do except to wait, or upgrade to PP.

May I know through which consultancy have you applied ? My case is also in same status right from April 27, 2015

check this link - explains one of the reasons for delay in regular processing cases.

I am in the same boat this year as on 3rd March 2017. My case got picked up on April 11 2016 and since is n Case received status.
Could you please throw light on did your case go through. What is the current status? Earnestly request you to reply please. Thank you very much.