What will happen to my H1B visa? I am joining new org and resigned from my current org.

Hi Team,

Need your suggestion in below case.

I am working for company A and I got H1B filed and stamped in 2016 from company A valid till dec 2017. But due to some reasons now I am leaving company A and joining company B. May be company A will withdraw my H1B.

Ques1. If company A withdraw my H1B , can I use my H1B after that?

Ques2. My H1B stamping has expiry date of Dec 2017 and its never used, Can I use my H1b after it get expired?

Ques3. Can company B initiate transfer process even I have withdraw and expired H1B?

Ques4. Last one, Is there anyway by which company A make my h1B useless for me?(Won’t be able to use it)

Ques1. Yes until Dec 2017, only when Comp B transfers your visa and petition is approved.Ques2. No, not after expiration (Dec 2017). Comp B has to apply for transfer and it has to be approved. Once approved, you can use the old visa until Dec 2017, after which you will have to get it stamped again.Ques3. YesQues4. No