What will happen to Approved i140 if the current status is in H4 EAD

Hi Just wanted to let you know my scenario, when I was on H1B my previous employer applied for i140 but bit late which eventually got approved. due to family emergency my visa was changed to dependent. eventually attorney filed for H4 and H4 EAD which got approved. Now my question is what will happen to my approved i140, can i use it if i move to new employer? i’m not sure if this works on H4 EAD. Appreciate your inputs on this. Thanks

For changing employer on H4 EAD, you dont need I-140. If in future you switch to H1B, you can use I-140 for H1B extension beyond the 6 year term.

Your new H1B employer may also start your green card process again and por your priority date from current I-140 to the new one.