What will happen if the employer not responding the RFE on time , is that become no Status?

One of my friends transferred visa when the premium process on hold. He got RFE as well and it has to respond before 27th of January. Whereas his present employer does not respond and they are going to revoke his h1B and they are not going to respond RFE, before they revoking USCIS may do since RFE is still pending. He had a problem with the employer because of this. Now he is looking for an employer again, Is that possible, Even if the employer or USCIS denied the H1B can he stay, IF Yes How long he can stay? can he apply again H1B on CAP Exempt or another way? Please Help us.

We tried to reach some of the law firms, before giving the positive information or assistance they ask him to pay the money.

Kindly help us.