What will be time for Regular H1B processing from Initial Review state

My pettition was selected in lottery. can some one explain me the time taken from Initial review to stamping. Is there any feasible chance that it can be stamped before October. What will be the % for denail/stamping. Also, can I apply H4 for my wife and son.

The normal processing time is 2 months. So you should know the decision on your petition by the end of May or June, if there is no RFE on your case.

If approved, you can get the visa stamped only from July but you cannot enter USA before Sep21st as the visa will authorize you to work only from Oct 1st . Yes, you can file H4 for your family when you go for stamping of your H1.

Denial is based on what answers you give to the visa officer in the interview and your case.