What visa to apply for spouse living in Canada (B2 or H4?)

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I recently got married and my wife living and working in Canada with her Permanent Residency and she don’t have any US visit visa (although she applied when she was a student, it got rejected). We both want to continue our employment work from respective countries (US and Canada) for sometime until we figure out on final settlement and comfortable to travel across the borders.

We are anticipating to both of us to have a free travel ability between the borders in coming 6-8 months, I have a Canada visiting visa and was aiming to have US visa (H4 or B2) for her to travel. Question is about appropriate visa that I can apply for her free travel to United States, either B2 visa or H4 ?

Please advise and appreciate your time

Thanks, Phany

In general, if it short term visit, then it should be B2. But, if she plans to stay with you for long term, she could go for H4.

Now, getting B2 can be difficult as you are married and the intent to leave would be questioned…so, you can apply for H4. She can travel back and forth on H4, would not have any issues.