What to tell when VO asks How did you come to know about this employer?

How to answer the question like how did you come to know about this employer?

Actually, Got H1B offer from US company (found by Indian) through a friend reference, where he is working in. So, I can not tell applied against postings in some Job Portal. But, friend reference may also make VO to grill. 

In this context, any body help me how to trickly answer the above question.

I feel, Here smart way of giving the answer is right.

Your answer immensley helps not only me also helps lot other aspirants.


Thanks In advance



you can tell them that you had posted your resume on job sites and you received a call from the company for this position and it went upto this stage.



Hi, sirish

That should not be a problem. instead of saying friend you can refer him as senior. they will not ask much about that person as per my experience.


Rajesh Dams