What to do if H1b extension denied.

HI Saurab,

My H1B is about to exipire in 2 weeks(10th May 2018) and I got RFE on my extension when I moved to premium processing. To respond for FRE I have 2 months time.

RFE is about Employee-employer relationship, Specialty occupation and client letter.

My question here is if I got denied on my extension after 10th May 2018, what can I do then ?

1 . Do I need to leave the country immediately ? (Since I don’t have any status now)

  1. Can I do H1 transfer now ? (After my old H1 expired)

  2. Will colleges give admission ? (after my old H1 expired)

  1. Yes, you may have to leave as you cannot work after May 10th, if denied. If you file a MTR through your attorney, you can stay but not work.

  2. No, you cannot transfer a visa that has been denied. The transfer can happen only on approved petitions.

3)That depends on getting admission, also may take time, given that you will have to collect documents such a recommendation letters, transcripts etc.