What taxes will be deducted from salary for L1 visa holder working in CA?

Im Carol from Malaysia. I hold a L1 visa and I will be transferred to CA under 2 years contract soon. I would like to check with you what category of taxes that will be deducted from my monthly salary in CA? And what is the rough percentage will be deducted for each category?

I got some info from website but I am still confused. Could you advise the different among the below tax category? Is the tax can be refund when I complete 2 years contact before I go back to Malaysia?

Fed - OASDI/Disability

Fed - FICA Med

Fed - Withholding

CA - OASDI/Disability

CA - Withholding

Thanks for your advice!!

Your US salary would be subject to the taxes that you have mentioned above.

Major chunk is Federal tax which is a slabbed rate and depends upon your salary. Same goes for CA state tax.

Social Security and Medicare are fixed rates taxes of 6.2% and 1.45% respectively. CA has additional Disability tax of 0.9%. All 3 of these cap out at a certain salary (don’t remember exact number but it’s b/w 100-110K).

And no taxes are refunded once you leave US.