What should I say for Have you ever been refused a Us Visa in Ds160

Hello friends,

I have a situation here as explained. I have been rejected for B1 visa when I was working with my previous employer 3 times before 3 years. Now I am applying for an H1B visa and my petition got approved and received all documents including the client letter.

My questions are :

  1. Will the previous rejections will affect my current H1B visa interview?

  2. What should I write in the explanation column for the question, “Have you ever been refused a U.S visa”. I know I should definitely say “Yes”. But I am not remembering the exact reason or the rejection form number they issued from the consulate after B1 visa rejection. How should I present my situation in the explanation column.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  1. No, there should be no impact.

  2. Try to get the documents/soft copy/emails for those rejections. If still not able to recollect then write truthfully that you are not aware of them at the moment.