What should I do If my H-1B Visa 1st year stamp expires this December?

Hi I am on the first year of my Visa and it was stamped just for one year althought the PED is in 3 years. What do I need to do to have it stamped for the remaining 2 years?

Dear Poncho3101,

I think there is some mistake in interpretation.

Visa is stamped as per the petition dates. Visa expiry date stamped on passport is the petition expiry date on I 797

.Inform me if that is not the case with you.

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Thank you for your response I think I didnt explained my self very well the PED on the stamped visa was for three years however the expiration was only for one day. I asked at consulate and they said it was ok, I can keep working until my Petition Expiration Date which is the same date as in I797. however if I want to get out from US and comeback I would have to plan accordingly so that I stamped before coming back to US and they told me most likely they will stamped for two more years completing my 3 first years on H1b. However I still dont know with how much time in advance I can stamp it. The visa itself expires on December 2012 my PED on visa expires on Dec 2014. but since I go back and forth a lot since I live at the border I dont want to have a gap in between.

Since PED is dec 2014 but visa expires dec 2012, next time you are out of USA you should get the visa stamped before entering.Mention in DS 160 proposed stay 25/ 26 months as the case may be
Depak Deshpande

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