What should be the procedure to get H4 visa stamped for the 2nd wife when the H4 visa of 1st wife has not expired?

M1 had H1B and got married to W1 in Feb 2016. W1 got H4 stamped in Feb 2017 valid till Apr 2019. M1 and W1 divorced in Dec 2017. Indian Family court has issued the divorce decree in Hindi. M1 will be getting married to W2 in June 2018. M1 has always filed tax in the US as single. M1, W1 and W2 are all Indian Citizens. M1 is a US resident and W1, W2 are Indian Residents. W1 and W2 have never traveled to US. Marriage, Divorce and Visa stamping happened/will be conducted in India. What should M1 and W2 do to get the H4 stamped for W2 post June 2018 considering the H4 of W1 has not expired and the Divorce decree is in Hindi?

By Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and annulment procedures, after a divorce decree has been completed, your ex-wife will no longer be an H-4 dependent and her dependent visa will be null and void. USCIS recognizes this. You will need to translate the document for consular officer. If your ex- wife is in the US, it might be appropriate for her to be given time to transition to a new visa status so that she is not inconvenienced.

Thanks for the reply. Are you aware how to get the divorce decree translated which is also considered legal by USCIS? In addition, what all Documents would W2 have to carry during the H4 stamping process?