What is the time line to get the petition approved /RFE/denied?

My petition got selected in the lottery in May ,05-2016. But I have not received any updates on the progress of my petition?

Not sure , when it will be approved ? Or what’s the status now.

The uscis portal shows the case was received, nothing else since past 2 months .

Please advise what should I do ?

It is normal. Most of them will be processed by Oct, but as there is no SLA, some may remain pending even beyond that. If you want to timebox it, then upgrade to PP.

Thanks a lot Saurabh.

I believe my petition is already in premium processing as my employer got the notification through email .

If it is PP then it should have been processed by now, unless RFE was issued and they are waiting for response from employer. The employer should be on top of this following up w/ USCIS if it was really filed in PP.