What is the situation for dependents H4 Visa If i switch job in USA


My Case is : Currently i am working with Company A. ( H1 VIsa Sponsered by this company only )

I came to USA in Feb-2016

for my spuose and Kid also have h4 visa through Company A. But Still Spouse and Kid are in India.

they havent Entered into USA till now.

If i switch to Company B (by Transfering my visa to company B)

I would like to bring them to USA after switching to Employer B.

what should i do for spouse and kid Visas

From india only their VISA stamping should change to new employer ?

can they Travel with Old Employer H4 visa to USA ?

Please suggest me how can i proceed ?

They can enter on B’s petition and A’s visa stamp. When entering, at PoE show B’s petition to the officer so that they issue I-94 based on that.

Thank you for your response.

and one more query:

in H4 VISA : Primary Applicant Name wrongly printed
H4 VISA Applicants(Spouse and Kid) names are correctly Printed

                Actual Name should be : Bhaskararao (H1 B Visa Primary Applicant)
                Printed Name in VISA   : Bhaskarararao

after came to home we identified.
please suggest me what to do

It has been a while since I looked at H-4 visa. Do you know if the visa stamp also includes the H-1 applicant’s petition number? If yes, then it should be fine.