What is the process to apply for H4EAD extension assuming initially I will get it for 3 or 4 months?


My husband is on H1 b visa and his visa will expire in Nov 2015. He is eligible for extension with his I-140 approved and we are sure that he will get his extension. (Please note- He is an employee of a good company and he gets his three year extension without problem)

The question I have

  1. Assuming if I apply for H4 EAD on 26th may I will get it till NOV 2015 then what is the process to apply for H4 EAD extension?

  2. Is there any other concern/ painpoints I should be aware of?



  1. Typically, EAD applications processing can take around 90 days for processing. There is no concrete time that uscis promises and it can vary by load. The process is pretty standard. You can read articles on the blog under immigration-visas section, it has info on the same.

  2. As long as everything is as per rules and you are in good status you should be fine.

Thanks Kumar. I was never on H4 visa before. I have H1 but as I am eligible to get H4 EAD I want to take advantage of it. So I am not very educated how h4 extension works and how H4 ead extension will work. Hence I had few questions.

Yes, it is good to take advantage of H4 EAD, as your options are much more.