what is the procedure for MS in USA after getting immigration visa?

Do i require to appear for GRE nad TOFFEL examination?my engineering would be completed in may 2015 and i want join university for ms in spring 2016…please provide me the procedure for application.

First understand the meaning of the word IMMIGRATION VISA.


If you get IMMIGRATION visa, you can apply for any University. IMMIGRATION has nothing to do with your GRE/TOEFL etc. It has to do with your University requirement to give admission ino the desired course. Once your University gives an admission, you could use it to file F1 visa.

First step is to take GRE, TOEFL, then apply for schools and get admission.
After you get admission, you apply for F1 Visa. If you get F1 visa stamped, then you enter US on F1 visa.
We have many articles on the blog describing process, read those articels. Also as mentioned, do NOT confuse yourself by immigration visa…