What is the max time limit to go for visa stamping after H1B Approval

Iam Residing in India Currently . Can i wait for 7 months and go for stamping after my VISA is approved

  1. My Petition is picked in the lottery and assuming , the VISA will be approved .

  2. And iam looking for a job in a new company.

  3. What is the max time limit for me for get a job and go for the stamping.

  4. If i get a new job , what is the procedure to transfer VISA from the company that filed my VISA to new company



You can go for stamping anytime during the petition validity period. Whenever you appear for stamping, make sure you have recently dated documents like offer letter, client/project letter etc.

As for transfer, find another employer, ask them to file cap-exempt H-1 for you (submit copy of current approval notice or receipt number for this). Once approved, go for stamping if old visa stamp has expired and then travel to US to work for the new employer.