what is the limit of wire transfer from USA to pay student Bank loan in India?

I have 3 questions to avoid IRS or other inquiry-

  1. I am on employment based visa in USA and want to send dollars from USA to India from my savings (after paying Tax). How much maximum dollars I can send in a day? month? or in a year regularly?
  2. To pay the Bank Loan-student Loan how much maximum dollars I can send in a day, in a month or in a year? to pay that I have to pay directly to that Bank Account or in any account I can send money?
  3. My mother is having Green Card. She is not working. She has a NRE account in India. Can I send dollars from my USA Bank account to her NRE account in India? what are the rules for that? any Tax or limit for that? Or I have to get any permission before sending it?
    Even Bankers have no answers for these questions. Please guide me properly. Thanks.


  1. It depends on the service provider. You can work with Banks for higher limit as needed. For instance, Chase has a limit of $100,000 per day. Check Chase Wire Transfer Options

2.Again, it depends on the service provider. You should be able to send to most of the digitized banks in India. Check with the list of options and banks supported with the service provider ( bank )

  1. I am not sure about sending to your mothers NRE account, but for sure you can create an NRE account and send as much money as you want that you earn in US to that account and have your family in India use that as needed. You can speak to the NRE accounts providers on these details, if they cannot answer as service providers, something wrong with the person you are talking to…they should be able to…