What is the extra benifit of doing a BBA + MBA in the US

Hie, I am a high school graduate from India wanting to study the undergraduate course- BBA. I wanted to ask particularly that will BBA - 4 yrs. benifit me along with an MBA in the future. My dream is to get a green card and naturalisation and to be an entrepreneur in the future. Along with, All of these, what are the probabalities as according to you that what are chances of getting the h1b-visa and the whole PR process… will the BBA in particular help me increase the chances of PR.

Please help.

Well, Not sure if you would really have any advantage of BBA. Any degree that is equivalent to US Bachelor degree would be sufficient.

A US degree at Bachelor’s or Master’s level will always be useful, a Business Administration degree allows you to approach a variety of industries which does not happen if your skills are just technical.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar

Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director

Colorado Heights University

Denver, Colorado, USA