What is rejection rate if we go for H1B stamping after 1yr of approval

I have 2 queries regarding H1B Stamping and H1B Transfer.

  1. My status has been changed from L1b to H1B ths 2012. I am planning to go to india after 1 year and i want to know what would be rejection chances of H1B Stamping (I heard that the rejection ratio will be more if we delay our stamping date once our petition is approved).

  2. I have submitted my resume A while applying for H1B and if i submit a resume which has some changes, then will it be causing any issues for H1B Transfer.

  1. Your chances of rejection will not increase if you delay the stamping. As long as you have the required documents and have maintained legal status in US, you should be fine

  2. It should be ok as long as the resume is genuine.