What is my current status f2 or H1B?



1.My husband and I entered US under B2 with multiple entry in April 2012. By october, my husband decided to apply for F1 to study masters degree and applied me as his dependent on F2. 


2.However, on  november, I found a job, my employer paid for expedited processing to H1B which was immediately approved a week later.


3. Then on January 2013, my husbands F1 was also approved, he received all documents without any copies of my status whether it was approved or not. It been 7 months we haven't received any response to my COS to F2, hence we don't know if it was denied or approved.   Should there be any problem with my status? I want to stay on H1B, what do I need to do?


4. Then, recently we went on to Apply my husband under H4 but USCIS gave us RFE for my pay stubs....what do I need to do? I hope you can help me. Thank you.

You will be on H1B as your COS from B1 to H1 was approved and your H1 was filed after your F2 petition. So it should affect your H1 at all. You probably didnt receive anything as your COS was done from B1 to H1, so your F2 petition would be nullified. But you can call USCIS and inquire about your F2 petition if you have a receipt number for it. It is always better to check.

Submit your pay-stubs and you should be fine.