What is maximum time frame for RFE response review?

Hi I have filed my application on 1st April 2014,

I got RFE on 29th May 2014,

Attorney sent rfe response on 18th August 2014

Still my application is in the status RFE Response Review .

Already is 4 months but no change in status…i am very panic about this …anybody have any expeince like this please let me know .

I asked employer to change to premeum process but attoreny said there no point to change to premium.

Please help me what is my next step… if decision not postive then what is my next step please let me know thanks in advance…

HI Thank you for your reply… Mine H1B and Its Regular Process…

finally my case was denied on December 15th 2014… after a long time in RFE response review state… almost 4 months… fully disappointed… no more hopes…