What is H1b Amendement? pl furnish detail about H1b amendement?

Hi Saurabh:

let me give you some background before putting my question:

We (As a company) filed a h1b petition this yr and got approval for 3 yrs (valid upto Sep '15), LCA was filed for 2 locations…first is employer i.e.our company in TX, and second is end customer that’s in Memphis, TN, USA.

now customer has changed the second location from Memhis, TN to Irving, TX; our company TX location and Job Duties of benificiary will remain same. and therefore we filed a new LCA.

Q1: do you think H1b amendement is required in this case? or benificiary can work on basis of changed LCA?

Q2: We’ve got this 3 yrs approval on basis of 6 months SOW and one client letter stating long term requirement for this person/position? what risk you see in h1b amendement filling…can they reduce the validity period of H1b petition or you see any RFE from USCIS?



  1. Off late, USCIS stance has been that H-1 amendment needs to be filed anytime there is a change in LCA. So, yes you should file H-1 amendment

  2. Usually H-1 amendments are trivial and do not require the entire process/verification. But that doesn’t stop USCIS officer from asking for the documents again. I would suggest talking to an attorney about this.