what if i resign from a company which is sponsoring my H1

I have my OPT valid until MAY 30th 2014 .

My employer is applying H1 on apirl 2013 . lets say i got approved . What if i resign this company in between april and october or use H1 period from oct to dec and and find an another job ( my future employer might not be sponsering me H1) .

In other words what if i dont want to use the H1 filed this year and can i be on OPT again until next may 2014 and apply next year with different employer .

Does my approval or rejection of H1 this year has any effect on my later years .

If you want to stay on OPT even afer Oct 1, then make sure your employer files H-1 w/ consular processing (and not w/ COS). This way your status will remain OPT/F-1 even after Oct 1. You can change employers etc and when ready to move to H-1 then COS can be filed (a cap-exempt petition will also be required if you are changing employers).

thank you saurabh .
so if I remain F-1 status after oct 1 , when does my H1 status start. Can i decide my H1 status whenever i want after oct 1st . OR do i ve to choose my H1 start date while applying H1?

Like I said in previous post, make sure it is filed w/o COS. If it is filed w/ COS and the same gets approved, you will move to H-1 status from COS effective date (typically Oct 1).

thanks saurabh