What I-94 date would be given for my L2 on arrival


I have a valid L2, based on my husband valid Blanket L1 Visa

Details as follows:-


L1-Visa stamp Expiring on:  Oct 2nd 2013

L1 I-94 is valid until :  5th Feb 2015


L2-Visa stamp Expiring on : Oct 2nd 2013

L2 I-94 is valid until :  5th Feb 2015


I ( on L2) am planning to travel to India around this end of July(30th July), and return back in mid August(15th August) . Please note that my husband is not travelling with me, hence his i-94 is un-affected.


My question is


1.) What is the expected I-94 I should receive when I come back. Will it match the visa stamp expiry date, or +3 years from visa expiry date?

2.)If I receive I-94 same as visa-expiry-date(i.e Oct 2013), are there any chances , of rectifying my i-94 to match with my husband i-94 dates? If yes, who will do it.

3.)If I-94 is still not extended beyond Oct 2013, are there any other ways to continue my L2 in USA?

4.) Since I-94 is electronic nowadays, are there any chances to know immediately what I-94 expiry date has been given to me, incase I can request them to re-consider the dates?



Thanks a ton for reading this. Awaiting earliest response on this.
  1. Usually they give it for 3 years. If not, you can get it corrected by going to a CBP office or submitting an application w/ USCIS. Your L-1 attorney can confirm

  2. Refer (1)

  3. You need an extended I-94 to continue to stay in US. There is no other option. For extension, refer (1)

  4. I thought they still put the immigration stamp in the passport (for entry date), which will have the expiration date. But I may be wrong.