what happens if i stop my study after H1B petition gets approved?

To whom it may concern,

i am in OPT right now and i am working in a big company. For some reason they were unable to provide me H1B last year and my OPT is ending. so i joined another school and got my CPT but only for 4 month for the time being.

i have 2 questions:

1.) if i do premium processsing on april and school / I dont extend my CPT will i be eligible to work?

2.) if i stop schooling after petition gets approved. will i be able to work?

appreciate your concern and suggestions.

thanks & regards,


  1. You are eligible to work only after OCt that year if H1 gets approved.

  2. you will need work permit( H1, EAD or permisson from HOD) if you want to work


thanks raj for your comments.
i am just showing a senario .
like say if my H1b gets approved on april 2013 and that time i am working on CPT and then say i stop schooling on May. So my CPT will be stopped too.
in that case can i work?
also line in OPT when time is over before oct usually we have a cap gap. is there anything like that?
what is permission from HOD
also please let me know if there is any other way to get work permit and please tell me how to get that.


If you are working on CPT, you will need valid work authorization till your status changes to H1b ( oct) extend your CPT and work till you are on H1.
Mind it university offering CPT in First Sem are not genuine universities. Permission from HOD is getting CPT.
Did you ever apply H1 ? Also CAP Gap is only for Opt.