What exactly "H1-Bs WERE FILED" means?



on 04/06 we received an email from the company lawyer that says:


"There are still 4,000 available under the cap, and our H-1Bs were filed."


How does this sound to you? Are we in or not? 


How likely is this to happen?


I am trying the understand the terminology...



Thanks in advance

Well, Is there any other source which informed that only 4k were left as of 4th june? USCIS’ official release with their last update on 1st of June indicated 9K odd left . Where did your company lawyer get the 4k number from? but per his statement it means that your docs have reached USCIS and is filed for this year… congratulations and good luck for the rest of the process. but where did the lawyer get the 4k number form?

No, no other source. Hope it is not true :-).

Anyway this sentence is part of an email lawyer sent to us on 4/6 so I guess it’s likely to be truth.

Good luck!

The lawyer might have excluded the 6800 for Chile/Singapore when doing the math. That would have left the remaining count close to 4000.

However, USCIS adds the unused H-1B1 from FY-12 into FY-13 quota. As this category is heavily underutilized, it is safe to assume that the remaining count was still 9K and not 4K.