What effect of L1B extension on fresh H1B

Hi All,


Please advise on my case:


I am working in USA with employer A on L1B,Both visa and I94 will be expire on 25 June 2013.So my same employer A is now applying for fresh H1B in April 2013 . Now my question is:


1.If my employer A will file for my L1B visa extension from 25th June,how this will impact my H1B visa processing i.e.  if I-94 got extended say for another 2 years OR if L1B visa extension does not approve.


2.Will that be good choice to apply for L1B extension from June 2013.


P.S Here H1B is fresh H1B not L1B to H1B with COS.




L1B extension and H1B application can run in parallel and should not impact each other. If both the applications are approved then the I94 attached with the one being approved later will be considered. If L1B extension is not approved then you might need to leave the country and come back again after getting the visa stamped on or after October 1.

You mentioned its not L-1 to H-1 w/ COS. In that case, your H-1 will not arrive w/ I-94 attach. Your stay in US will be determined by your L-1 I-94 and the status of your L-1 extension.