What does H1B validity(6 years mean)?

Hello Friends,
First of all I appreciate the work done by Saurab and others in solving the queries.Really you did a great job and your blog gave me lot of information.
My query :
I was in USA in BL1 visa starting from June 2008 till October 2011.I came back to India on November 1st 2011 and now,we filed H1B (May mid) and waiting for USCIS decision.
If its approved and travel in Novemeber mid(after one year stay in India),will I get H1 visa for 6 years or will my BL1 stay inluded with this H1?
I read that we should be out of US to avail 6 years visa?What does one year out of US mean?
Is that based on the stay or based on the filing duration(we shouldn’t file for one year)?Please provide your inputs on my query…

If you are physically out of US for more than a year, your clock will be reset and thus could stay on H1B or L1 status for another 6 years.