what does filing date mean?

Under “H1B Visa Tracker”, there is “List of H1b Cases - Details”, and there is the column “Filing Date”.

Does Filing Date means when the person sent out the application, or the person already received the receipt and case number from USCIS?

I am asking this because “Status” says “Waiting for Lottery Result” (meaning the application is already received and the applicant already got receipt number).

But then, it says “Processing Time” zero from the filing date of today, and 7 from 1 April.

Processing time is from the time the application was sent out till now? Or from the time the receipt is received (the check for filing fee is processed)?

Could you clarify them, asap? Thanks!


Filing date is a legal date - which means USCIS has entered an application into its database after checking it and generated a file number. Processing time will be counted with reference to this date. Some minor errors do occur because entry into database is not made the same day that an officer has verified that your application is complete. It is a different department.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar,




The H1B Tracker we have built is not really associate with USCIS. The filing date refers to the date that the person or employer sent the application to USCIS. The tracker is community driven and there is no hard fast rule on the dates, it is just indicative for everyone’s benefit. Dont worry too much on the dates. Again, this is just for general reference contributed by community and has nothing to do with USCIS.