What does "emailed you an approval notice" in H1B case?

Hello -

I received an email notification as follows:

“On September 29, 2015, we approved your Form I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, Receipt Number EAC------, and emailed you an approval notice. Please follow any instructions on the approval notice.”

Since my employer hasn’t received any other emails apart from this one, I’m confused as to what “emailed you an approval notice” means. I understand the physical notice will come in the mail, but if there is an emailed version i could use that would be speed up my entry to the US to start work.

Thanks in advance!

That is typical message for petitions with premium processing option. If yours was not a PP, then it may be error and physical copy may be on its way. It should be received within 1-2 weeks. If not received within 30 days, your employer should contact USCIS.